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All You Need to Know About Common Snacks in Kenya

To enjoy The Magical Kenya fully, it is absolutely necessary to try out the Kenyan Cuisine, arguably the best in the East African region.

Common snacks in Kenya are easy to make yet leave that unforgettable taste in your mouth that leaves you craving for more!

The following brief provides a variety of options common in Kenya that serve as breakfast items and snacks.

1. Kaimati- Fried Dumplings

  • Kenyan Kaimatis usually have this unique flavor from the style with which yeast is applied on wheat flour.
  • It is a traditional breakfast dish and a day snack too.
  • Inherited from Arab culture, it's common along the Kenyan coastline among the Swahili and the Bajuni communities.
  • Serves the whole family.

2. Mahamri- The Swahili Doughnut

  • Mahamri is a typical traditional recipe among the Swahili and the Mijikenda communities of Kenya.
  • It is a delicacy that is enjoyed by the entire family.
  • Serves as a breakfast meal and a whole day snack too.
  • Its unique taste is influenced entirely on the freshly squeezed coconut milk.
  • Serve when hot with tea, coffee, black tea or even stew.

3. Enriched Mandazi- The Enriched East African Doughnuts

  • This is a doughnut made with eggs plus fresh milk and conditioned with margarine.
  • It is a common snack among urban dwelling communities across the country.
  • A favourite breakfast item for the entire family.
  • Best served when hot with tea, coffee and black tea.

4. Basic Mandazi- The Basic East African Doughnut

  • Preferred for its simplicity, you'll find this recipe in any home across Kenya.
  • It serves the entire family and a preferable item for breakfast.

5. Meat Samosa- Sambusa ya Nyama

  • Nothing beats the taste of the Kenyan Meat Samosa!
  • It's the preferred breakfast item and a whole day snack among the urban dwellers.
  • It serves the entire family.

6. Vegetable Samosa- Sambusa ya Mboga

  • A Samosa for the vegetarians!
  • It is made with vegetables in season and heavily spiced.
  • It is health conscious and a preferable breakfast item and a whole day snack for the entire family.