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How to access the internet in Kenya

With so much to plan and consider, every Traveller coming to Kenya is sure to have some queries and concerns about their destination.

  • One of the concerns is how to access the internet during their stay in Kenya.
  • If you are asking if there's internet connection in Kenya, the answer is simply Yes. In fact there are many competing internet providers in Kenya and access should not be a problem. The speeds may vary though, as you venture into the suburbs.
  • Internet speed varies, as broadband connections become much more common with quite impressive download speeds available.


  • You'll find Wi-Fi in most luxurious hotels and tourist resorts. The Wi-Fi is secure and most of them lack passwords but in case they have, you'll be given one at the reception.
  • Most tourist lodges tend to have access to Wi-Fi although their speeds may be variable.

Mobile Network

  • The best internet service providers include Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel.
  • You can access the internet by purchasing their data offers by dialing *544#. You'll be required to select your preferred option among those given.
  • You can also access the internet through Home Fiber for Safaricom and Home Plan Data for Telkom users.