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How to save money in Nairobi and not get scammed

  • Nairobi is a beautiful place to visit and has so much to offer. Without accurate information visiting Nairobi may end up being expensive and you can easily get scammed

Money-saving tips when in Nairobi


  • Nairobi doesn't have a vast transport network. Transport around the city is by taxi or public buses and mini busses. While moving around by local buses is a great way to mingle with locals and is the cheapest, understanding the public transport network is difficult and bus stops are chaotic. There are several bus stops all over the CBD for buses heading to different parts of the city.
  • Taxis are the most convenient way for tourists to move around. You can either take local unmetered taxis or use mobile taxi-hailing apps. Local unmetered taxi drivers will overcharge you once they realize you are new in the city or don't understand Swahili. They are also not safe. Mobile taxis are the best option, they are cheaper and safer. Uber is all over Nairobi. Other mobile taxis in the city include Little cabs, Bolt, and Kenatco.

Currency exchange

  • The best place to exchange foreign currency in Kenya is at forex bureaus or banks with government participation. These will give you the best rates. Avoid using private banks. At some privately owned banks, you may end up losing almost close to $25 for $100 you exchange.

Late-night flea markets in the CBD

  • Visiting late night flea markets that are set up in almost every street in the CBD from around 6.00 pm is a great way to save money on souvenirs. Markets are most expensive during the day from about 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Be sure to leave your valuables at home since pickpockets tend to hang out in market areas.

How to avoid common scams in Nairobi

Fake story scams.

  • These are common in Nairobi, while some stories are genuine most are not. Most pickpockets often try to distract you with their fake stories as they steal from you.

Phone borrowing scams

  • Most newbies in Nairobi have ended up falling for this scam. It's common for people to borrow your phone to make a call then escape with your phone. Never give out your phone to anyone you don't know. This scam doesn't only happen in the streets, it happens also in malls, supermarkets, and even high-end restaurants.