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Submitted on Jul 28, 2019 Useful Info

Scams you need to be aware of in Nairobi CBD

  • Theft and scams in Nairobi are a nightmare not only for locals but even worse for tourists. In the CBD especially it's very common. This is how to avoid those scams:
  1. Wear your bag on your front rather than your back. If you have a handbag hold it firmly on your side. It's common for bags to be opened by pickpockets as you walk.
  2. Avoid congested areas, the likes of Tom Mboya street, River road amd generally downtown Nairobi. Pickpockets are usually in such places. As you struggle to maneuver about in a congested street they take advantage of that and take a few things from you.
  3. Don't lend your phone to anyone to make calls, it's a very common trick here, they ask for your phone for a few minutes and take off with it the second you aren't watching.
  4. Don't ask for directions from anyone except security officers.
  5. Avoid buying any expensive items e.g electronics from street vendors, most of the items here are sold at a cheaper price than the normal and in most cases they are counterfeits.
  6. Don't allow anyone to help you with your luggage. If you have a lot of stuff to carry you better call a cab.

I've been a victim of all these scams. Don't let the same happen to you!