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Submitted on Apr 05, 2020 Useful Info

Unsafe streets to avoid around Nairobi

With the headquarters of almost every security agency in Kenya, Nairobi is generally safe during the day but that cannot be said during the night.

Like every other city, Nairobi has some streets known for their dangerous gang activities which can compromise your safety and comfortability during your stay in Nairobi.

The following is all you need to know about the dangerous places in Nairobi that are relatively unsafe to walk alone.

Hotspots for mugging, snatching and car theft

Uhuru Highway

  • It is no secret that Uhuru Highway is a hotbed for car theft and armed robery.
  • During traffic jams, always be on the lookout for suspicious gang activities around you.
  • Hardcore armed robbers will break your side mirrors, hijack your car in full daylight or even point a pistol at you, and rob you your valuables.

Kirinyaga Road

  • In your "watch out list", Kirinyaga Road should be among the top crime hotbeds in your list.
  • It is famously known for handbags and phone snatching.
  • Mugging is just a normal activity here and if you are not careful enough you could just be the next victim of circumstances.


  • Nyamakima is a place known to be a bus stop to many transport companies around Kenya.
  • Being overcrowded makes the area very dangerous for mugging and snatching.
  • Upon arrival at the stage, always act normal like a Nairobi resident but still having a keen eye on any suspicious muggers.
  • It is believed that muggers here have an instinct to distinguish between residents and non residents.

Landies Road

  • Malicious gang activities take place in full daylight. Muggers or snatchers will use faeces as a weapon to use against you.

Muthurwa Market

  • If you love yourself, then Muthurwa Market is just the place to avoid at night or during the day when alone.
  • Gang members are merciless when it comes to robbing you.

NOTE: Common sense should always prevail!