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Submitted on Mar 10, 2019 Useful Info

Beware of ATM Thieves in Namibia

  • Despite Namibia being generally safe, ATM theft cases are very common in Namibia and sadly most visitors fall for these scams. Some of the common ATM scams include:
  1. Strangers pretending they want to help you.
  2. Tampering with ATM such that your card can't fit or is retained in the machine for more minutes than normal.
  3. ATM card theft.
  4. ATM mugging.
  5. Skimming the ATM such that it records your details.
  6. Using hidden cameras to get your card details.

What to do

  • Never agree to get any help from a person you don't know. In case you need help ask any member of the bank staff or any security personnel guarding the ATM.
  • Never force your card into the ATM if it doesn't fit and should your card be in the ATM for more minutes than normal contact your bank immediately, they'll stop any transaction from taking place in case you were being scammed.
  • Use ATMs that are in a public place and well lit. Keep your card and cash in your purse immediately you're done transacting.
  • Cover your hand while keying in your pin.