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Submitted on Mar 10, 2019 Useful Info

Brace yourself for some rough driving in Namibia

  • Most roads in Namibia are not yet tarmacked and some are in very poor condition. It is quite difficult for a person who's accustomed to driving on standard roads to drive here. Moreover, the roads are very dusty and it's generally very hot.

How to drive here

  • Get a 4WD car that's in good condition and can be used on rough roads, ensure the a/c is working since you'll have to shut your car windows.
  • Drive at a moderate speed, and maintain a wider turning distance than the normal.
  • Beware of animals, they'll keep crossing the road even at points that are not designated animal crossing points, especially at dusk. Avoid driving at dusk if you can.
  • Don't open your doors and car boot for long periods aimlessly, they're many snakes and scorpions here and they can easily crawl into your car!
  • Never pass a petrol station without filling your car when you're out of town. You never know when you might get to the next filling station.
  • Carry enough water, food, and clothes with you. Punctures are quite common when you're on gravel roads. Have one or two spare tires.
  • You're allowed to drive with your international license, it must necessarily be a Namibian license.