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Updated on Aug 08, 2018 Useful Info

How to pay for things in Namibia

  • What kind of money is used:
  • Namibia's uses its own currency called Namibian Dollar (NAD), it's pegged 1:1 to South African Rand (ZAR). So 1 USD is currently worth around 13.5 NAD
  • That being said, all places will accept either Namibian NAD or South African ZAR interchangeably. In fact, ZAR is a legal tender. If you're coming from South Africa or plan to go to South Africa after, you should just use ZAR and not get any NAD as ZAR is much more liquid (and you can't use NAD in South Africa)
  • I found USD to be a hit or miss. Some places accepted USD but others didn't want it. I wouldn't count on it.
  • Credit card usage:
  • If you're only going to be in the major cities (like Windhoek and Swakopmund) and national parks (like Etosha), you really don't even need that much cash with you. I found most places that I went to accepted Visa or Mastercard
  • But if you plan to drive, then carry more cash as from what I've seen gas stations in Namibia (even the larger ones) seem to only take cash and they're mostly full service gas stations
  • How much cash I recommend carrying:
  • If you're sticking to major cities and tourist attractions: 100 NAD (or ZAR) per day
  • If you're planning a road trip: have enough cash to pay for gas, so will vary by how much you drive. But have at least 4000-5000 NAD (or ZAR) on you when you're driving. The gas prices in Namibia was slightly cheaper than Canada but a bit more expensive than the US. A liter was around 12-13 NAD. You should also tip the gas station attendant 5 NAD