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How to see Damaraland

  • Damaraland is a region that lies between the Etosha national park and Sossusvlei. It is a semi-desert region characterized by vast plains, colored granite ( the most famous being the twylofelfontein rock) here elephants and rhinos move about freely.


  • There's quite a number of ways of getting there
  1. Driving yourself
  2. Booking a tour
  3. Flights

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Driving yourself from Swakopmund

  • From Swakopmund, you drive for about 1 hour to Henties bay ( this is where the skeleton coast begins. You can stop to look at the shipwrecks). At Henties bay you take a sharp turn inwards at C35.

From Windhoek

  • If you're in Windhoek you have two options of getting to Damaraland
  1. Taking charted flights from Eros airport. There are no regular flights to Damaraland but charted flights can be organized.
  2. Driving yourself. First, you'll take the B1 route then branch C39 and take the road that goes past Khoxiras. This drive takes about 7 hours.

From Etosha

  • This is the nearest major point to Damaraland. The drive from here to Damaraland takes about 4 hours.