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How to see the Skeleton coast

Lying on Namibia's northern coast is a stretch of almost 1600km which was dreaded by many in previous years. This section of the coast is lined up with shipwrecks, skeletons of dead whales and seals, almost up to 100,000 seals and beach sand dunes.

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How to move along the skeleton coast.

1. Get a low flying plane. You can explore this coast by air however it's risky due to the strong currents and winds that blow towards this coastal strip. If opting for this alternative confirm with the local weathermen if it's safe to fly along the coast on that day.

2. Drive across the skeleton coast

  • For driving, you need this

Government permit

A 4WD vehicle

A tour guide

  • PRO TIP: Only a few vehicles are allowed in this area every year hence get your license early.
  • Advantages of driving along the skeleton coast include
  1. It's safe
  2. You can stop to surf or learn how to surf. This area is great for surfing due to strong waves and currents (one of the strongest in the world).
  3. You get really nice images and get to live the skeleton coast experience more.


  • Do not dare explore this coast by boat. Most likely the boat will capsize.
  • Avoid swimming in the sea along this stretch.
  • Beware of lions and never get out of your car unless your guide says it's safe to do so.



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