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Safety overview for Namibia

  • From my research Namibia is considered to be largely safe for tourists given proper precaution. And from my experience there (for 3 weeks) I didn't feel like I was ever in any real danger and didn't experience any theft (though I was pretty vigilant with my belongings while I'm in town)
  • The capital city (Windhoek) is pretty dense and busy. It's really rare even here for tourists to be mugged and I don't think I came across any instance during my research of tourist being in danger, but it's never bad to exercise basic cautions:
  • Don't draw attention to yourself
  • Don't wear anything flashy or overly expensive-looking
  • Be watchful of your bags and backpacks
  • Outside of Windhoek, the country is very empty. I drove from Windhoek to Etosha National Park for a safari and it felt very safe the entire journey
  • In Swakopmund, again, just exercise standard travel caution and you should be ok
  • As with any travel, you should always check with your government's official travel advisory in case any real time events break out.