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How to reach the viewpoint of Navagio beach (shipwreck beach) in Greece and get the best view

User submitted photo of Navagio Beach

We've probably all seen it as a desktop image at some point. But how exactly to get to the Insta perfect Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos, Greece? Mind you it's not easy to find the correct spot, so here's our brief to Maria's original blog post

The view points

  • The Official View point: North of the actual beach. There is a wall built for security reasons, beyond which it looks like this: (btw not worth it, there are better viewpoints)User submitted photo of Navagio Beach
  • The BEST view is when you walk more to the right (to north) along a path through a field of bushes and rocks to a headland which gives you the best view of the beach from above
  • Pro Tip: the best part is the beginning stretch or the middle (like the images below), don’t go all the way to the end of the headland, you won’t have a good view there.User submitted photo of Navagio Beach


  • Morning: the whole bay will be in the shadow
  • Midday: sun will shine on the sea to reveal many shades of turquoise, but will be crowded with people and boats
  • Afternoon: bay in shadow again with a ton of people
  • BEST TIME: right before sunset - plus the sunset is stunningUser submitted photo of Navagio Beach
  • PRO TIP: Only go when the sky is clear to get the clear and turquoise water.

How to arrive at the view points:

  • The only way to get to the view points is by car or by cab. You can look up direction with "Navagio Beach view" seach
  • It's best to rent a car when travelling in Zakynthos so you can explore all parts of the island.
  • **IMPORTANT**: The boat tours to Navagio beach DON'T include the view points hike! Also you can’t climb up to any of the view point from the beach itself. In general the boat tour is not worth itUser submitted photo of Navagio Beach


  • Greece have very strict drone rules. Make sure to read up on the lasted laws