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Submitted on Mar 01, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get from Yangon to Naypyidaw

  • Of the 3 ways to travel to Naypyidaw from Yangon - flight, bus, train - either flight or bus are great options depending on your budget
  • Flight from Yangon to Naypyidaw:
  • Not cheap, one-way flight is around $100-$150USD and round trip is around $200-$300USD
  • But very fast. Flight time is 35 minutes
  • Getting to the airport in Yangon is best done by taxi and costs around $6USD
  • In Naypyidaw, it's a 30-minute taxi ride to the city from the airport. I can't recall the fare
  • Bus from Yangon to Naypyidaw:
  • Very cheap, $8USD each way
  • Travel time is 6 hours
  • Both day buses and overnight buses are available, at these current departure times (changes all the time so this is for quick glance only):
  1. Departs 7:30am -> Arrives 2:00pm
  2. 8:00am -> 2:00pm
  3. 8:30am -> 3:00pm
  4. Noon -> 6:00pm
  5. 1:00pm -> 7:30pm
  6. 3:00pm -> 9:30pm
  7. 5:00pm -> 11:00pm
  8. 6:00pm -> midnight
  9. 10:00pm -> 4:00am next day
  10. 10:30pm -> 4:30am next day
  11. 11:00pm -> 5:30am next day
  12. 11:30pm -> 6:00am next day
  • All buses depart from Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station next to the airport (google maps location). A taxi from the city to there costs about $6 USD
  • All buses arrive at Myoma Bus Station in Naypyidaw (google maps link), where lots of tuk tuk and taxis are waiting to take you to your hotel. Cost of taxi from here to the city should be around 5000 kyat ($4-5 USD)
  • You don't need to book the bus ahead of time. Simply go to the bus station and buy your ticket there. You cannot use USD to buy tickets anymore, you must have cash Kyat in order to buy tickets
  • If you want to book online, 12Go is a great website to use for looking up bus schedule and make online bookings in southeast Asia
  • The buses are in good condition and are air conditioned. The ride was very comfortable
  • Train from Yangon to Naypyidaw:
  • I don't recommend it as it takes 9 hours
  • The fare is similar to bus, at $11USD each way for the "upper class" seats, which is comparable to economy class elsewhere in the world in terms of hardware and comfort level
  • 3 trains everyday day right now:
  1. 6:00am departure -> 3:20pm arrival
  2. 8:00am -> 5:00pm
  3. 5:00pm -> 1:55am next day
  • Train is not air conditioned
  • Train leaves from Yangon Central Railway Station (Google maps) and arrives at Naypyidaw Central Railway Station (Google maps)
  • You can buy train tickets at the train station or online with credit card (use 12Go it's the easiest site to use).
  • Book a few days ahead of time