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Food options when visiting Neuschwanstein Castle

  • There's no shortage of food options when visiting Neuschwanstein Castle. It's really convenient to grab a bite for breakfast or lunch before you climb up to the castle, or a nice dinner afterwards
  • Price range: €5-10 for fast food (bratwurst on the go) and cafeteria, €15-25 for mid range, and €30-50 for more upscale dining
  • Where to find food:
  • Village of Hohenschwangau:
  • This is the village at the base of the hill on which the castle sits. It's the tourist hub where parking and ticket centre is located at. This is the village every single visitor will pass through before going up to the castle (Google Maps link)
  • It's also where you'll find the biggest selection of foods. There are lots and lots of restaurants in this village from street vendors selling bratwurst to mid-range restaurants to fine dining
  • Just walk along the main road and you will see tons of options. They all display their menus so you can take a look at their prices before going in
  • Most of them have outdoor seating, which I found to be amazing
  • Servers usually speak English, and you can pay by credit card
  • On your hike up to the castle:
  • There are two restaurants half way up the hill to the castle. They have pretty big seating areas outdoors. They're maybe 15 minutes hike away from the base village of Hohenschwangau and another 15-20 minutes from the castle
  • Then, when you're almost at the castle, there's a little shop selling snacks and coffee. There's always a little queue here because everyone is grabbing some refreshment after the climb
  • Inside the castle:
  • There is a cafeteria at the end of your castle tour, called Café & Bistro
  • Their selection isn't great, just some pastries, sandwiches, water, and coffee
  • Cash only here
  • The view from here is great as it's several floors up inside the castle, so you can see the surrounding mountains, lakes, and countryside