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Updated on Jun 16, 2019 Useful Info

Overview of visiting Neuschwanstein Castle on your own

  • The castle is open to visitors all year round except for Christmas and New Year
  • It's possible to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle as a day trip from Munich. Or you can stay the night in the area around the castle. There are numerous hotels and accommodations immediately next to the castle, or 4km away in the town of Füssen
  • You should plan 4-6 hours for your visit
  • There are two separate castles there so make sure you get the ticket to the right one. The famous one you see in pictures is called Neuschwanstein Castle, the other one that's right next door is called Hohenschwangu Castle (it's smaller and is colored yellow). People confuse them all the time because they're right next to each other. Make sure you don't buy tickets for Hohenschwangu Castle, it's the wrong one!
  • A ticket is required to go into the castle, but it's not required if you just want to walk around it and take pictures of the exterior. The best spot to take the exterior photos of the castle is called Marienbrücke (also called Mary's Bridge), which is located 15 minutes hiking away from the castle and is free to go
  • Entry into the castle is based on time slots. When you buy a ticket, you will be asked to pick the time slot of your visit. You will only be admitted for this time slot, and if you miss it you won't get a refund
  • If you want to go inside the castle, it's best to reserve your ticket online ahead of time on the official website: If you don't, you will likely have to wait 2-3 hours for your admission time. In the summer months, there may not be any tickets available for same day walk-ins
  • The castle is perched on top of a hill, and it's about 40 minutes of hiking from the base where the main tourist hub (parking, ticket center, etc.) is located. When you visit, you must visit the main hub first instead of going straight up to the castle, because you need to pick up your ticket and park your car in one of the parking lots in the main hub. You can set your GPS to the Neuschwanstein Castle Tourist Info as it's located in the middle of the main hub
  • From the main hub you can hike up to the castle in 40 minutes, or instead of walking, you can also take a 2-3 Euro shuttle bus that takes you up quickly
  • Make sure you're at the courtyard of the castle 5-10 minutes before the stated entry time on your ticket. When your time comes, you will just scan the ticket at the turnstile and go into the castle. Once you're inside, you will just walk along the linear tour path together with other visitors of the same time slot as a group. The guide (or audio guide) will explain each room to you
  • Don't miss Marienbrücke. It's 15-minute hike away from the castle, free, and has the best exterior view of the castle, like this:User submitted photo of Neuschwanstein Castle