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Updated on Aug 21, 2018 Useful Info

Cheapest way to get to the city from the New Delhi airport (DEL)

  • Unlike Mumbai, New Delhi has a pretty good metro line that connects the airport with the main railway station in the heart of the city (well, technically across the street from the main railway station)
  • I remember the train was very modern, clean, and spacious. Lots of space for luggage and wasn't crowded at all. Overall a great experience comparable any airport trains in the developed countries I've been to before
  • I used this option both to get into the city and back to the airport
  • Train info:
  • Fare: 50 rupees (<$1US) for a single journey on the train (plus another 50-100 rupees ($1-2US) for a rick shaw ride to your hotel from the railway station). Taxis will cost you at least 350-500 rupees
  • Duration: 20 minutes to get to the New Delhi railway station. This is massively shorter than the >1 hour duration by taxi
  • Times: first train is at 4:45am, last train is at 11:15pm, runs every 10-15 minutes
  • How to take it:
  • Chances are you'll arrive in terminal 3 (it's the massive new terminal at DEL and used by all the non-budget airlines)
  • After you exit the luggage claim area, just follow signage for "Metro" (with a picture of a train; very easy to spot). The metro station is connected to the terminal building, only about 200 meters from the arrival area. Like this:User submitted photo of New Delhi
  • Buy the ticket from the counter with cash or credit card
  • Get off at the station simply called "New Delhi". This is the final station and will be very visibly displayed inside the train
  • (If you land in terminal 1 which is for budget airlines, just follow signage for Delhi AeroCity Station - you will need to take a free shuttle to get to it. I believe the cost of the shuttle is 30 rupees)
  • After you get off in the city, you can:
  1. Take an auto rickshaw (a tuk tuk basically) to your hotel. They should not cost more than 50-100 rupees to your hotel ($1-2 US) anywhere in the city. There were tons of these at the exit you don't have to worry about getting one
  2. Connect to another metro line. You shouldn't have to exit the underground passage way to connect to another metro line
  3. Walk to the New Delhi Railway Station. It's a 5-minute walk to the railway station
  • Other tips:
  • When to not take the train: my recommendation is that if you have more than 1 piece of luggage, or if you have small kid(s) with you, don't take the train. The train itself is fine, but I think it'll be a major hassle after you get off this train in the city. The area around the New Delhi Railway Station was very chaotic and I found it a bit stressful to navigate
  • If you're flying out of New Delhi with Air India or Jet Airways, you can actually do your flight check in at 2 metro stations in the city (the New Delhi Metro Station and Shivaji Stadium Metro Station) instead of at the airport. Benefit of this is that you get your boarding pass at the metro station and they will take care of your luggage from there on so you don't have to carry it with you on the train ride. You can do this 12-2 hours before scheduled departure time (official info on this)
  • Official website of this metro line with the latest fare and schedule: http://www.delhimetrorail.com/AirportExpressLine.aspx

Pictures of the train:

User submitted photo of New DelhiUser submitted photo of New DelhiUser submitted photo of New Delhi