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All you need to know about the United States Green Card

If you are interested in residing in the United States permanently, then you need to know about the United States Green Card.

What is the United States Green Card?

  • It is proof that the holder, a lawful permanent resident, has been officially granted immigration benefits by the United States Government.

Immigration benefits

  1. Permission to reside in any United States territory permanently.
  2. Permission to take employment in the United States.

How do I obtain the United States Green Card?

There are 2 most common ways to obtain the United States Green Card:

  1. Through Family Based Immigration or,
  2. Through Employment Based Immigration.

Family Based Immigration, Petitions or Family Sponsorship

You are eligible for obtaining the United States Green Card using this method if:

  1. You have relatives in the United States who are United States Citizens or they are Green Card holders.
  2. You may also have some family members who are eligible to sponsor or even petition for a your Green Card.

Employment Based Immigration and Petitions

  • In this case, you may have a United States based employer who would like to petition for you to become a permanent United States Citizen.
  • For most applicants, they are already situated in the United States and are on work Visa such as an L -1 Visa or H- 1B Visa.
  • You are required to fill an I - 140 application to the service center in the jurisdiction of place of employment.

Important Information for the United States Green Card holders

  1. Once you receive your Green Card, ALWAYS carry it with you at all times for identification purposes.
  2. Your Green Card is valid for 10 years even though your permanent residence status continues.
  3. Renew it before this time expires.

How can your Green Card Immigration Status be Revoked?

If you are convicted of:

  • Murder
  • Terrorist activities
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug or Gun trafficking
  • Theft
  • Fraud