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Two Day Mini Vacations or Grab-N-Go's

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Two-day mini-vacations or getaways are what I love to call "Grab-n Go's."


They are incredibly refreshing small trips that can have advantages like a more extended holiday. A change of environment can be pretty exciting, particularly in new areas. The trick is going when you get the urge and ride the wave of excitement right away. This means 15 minutes of preparation and off you go.

Two-day excursions mean an overnight stay. Keep it easy. Think toothpaste, toothbrush, minimal toiletries, clean underwear, and quick change of clothes.

A tiny zippered tote is all you want to carry it all. Should you prefer to have a range of these trips per year, keep a small bag in your closet just for this purpose. Stock it with a pair of travel toiletries. I call this a "Grab-N-Go" bag. A quick catch, add a set of clothes and away you go.

Keep a tiny folding umbrella, boots, and hat and gloves near precisely the same site. Transferring to weather conditions should not keep you from moving, and additional packing time doesn't have to be added to the fun of a quick two-day excursion. Get a quick view on your trip and book your flight in Delta Airlines Reservations and save a lot.

Now which it is possible to get up and move fast, where to go?

You can plan a couple of days, but a part of the delight in these quick trips would be to head someplace unexpected and new. Take a map and draw a 150-mile radius ring around your City. Look what drops in and around the circle.

It also keeps transportation transfers to 2 or less if you opt not to drive.

Pick cities, resort areas, parks, parks, beach areas, and mountains. If you reside in a suburb of a vast metropolitan region, attempt a night at the City. Instead of driving home, stay in the City immediately and spend the next day too.

A trick you might try is to select a destination that is the reverse of what you have every day. Brief"opposites" can be quite refreshing only because they are a full change of pace.

If you tend to be an outdoor type man, keep your equipment ready as well as a Grab-N-Go tote. If it's prepared, then tossing it in the rear of your vehicle can take 10 minutes. Food and supplies can either be found near the campgrounds, on your way across the street or grabbed from the house.

The notion is minimal prep and a focus on fun and a change of pace and scenery.