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How to furnishing bedrooms: tips and tricks

You can consider a bedroom as your own kingdom. It is a place where you need to relax and relax. Bedrooms can be completely divided and decorated according to your style. R&D Trendy Living is happy to help you set up your own paradise and gives you some tips for dividing bedrooms.


Do you already have a concrete idea for the design of your bedroom? and you can also get Idea from new zealand interior designers. You simply immediately start working on it. If not, this tip will certainly help! You start by creating a mood board . This way of brainstorming can provide a way out when you no longer see the trees through the forest and will help you create the bedroom of your dreams. What is a mood board anyway? It is a way to combine inspiration photos of furniture, colors and fabrics of bedroom furnishings.

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In this way it becomes clear what fits together and what does not. Use photos from home magazines for this or take a look at our brochure . Get started by asking yourself, “What is an absolute must in my room? And what do I definitely not want? ”.


Ask yourself what you need to wake up cheerfully. Do you have trouble getting up? Then a brightly colored room can provide the solution. For some people, bright colors help get ready to start the day faster in the morning. To determine the full color combination, remember that the wall behind the bed usually forms the accent wall . For example, the color stands out when you enter the room, but does not bother when you sleep. It is best to give the ceiling a light color.

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Bedrooms are most often decorated in a country or modern style. Modern bedrooms contain sleek materials and lines. The space is used optimally by working with fitted wardrobes and custom furniture. Modern bedrooms usually have less decorative elements because they strive to create openness. Rural bedrooms have a romantic look in which you can completely relax.

Natural colors and materials are often used for this. For example, wood can be used to give the bedroom a cottage feel.


After creating a mood board with colors and ideas, it’s time to determine the room layout . Here you decide which furniture should definitely be present in the bedroom.

It is best to take a sheet of paper and write or draw your promptings. When the furniture is chosen and the colors are fixed, the furnishing can begin. In addition, in bedrooms it is best to apply the principle of less is more when decorating. Bedrooms do not require too much decoration as they are made to sleep or to relax. To create space , you can use mirrors, which provide a sense of openness. Furthermore, the type of lighting can also create atmosphere. Can you use some extra inspiration ? Our team is happy to welcome you in our showroom and is ready to help you.