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New Zealand entry requirements - Visas and NZeTA cards

  • If you're coming from a visa waiver country you don't need a visitor visa to enter New Zealand. However, you still need an NZeTA ( New Zealand electronic travel authority).


  • Australian citizens can freely travel to New Zealand but you'll have to get your NZeTA if you are a permanent Australian resident before you can travel to New Zealand.
  • Regardless of your citizenship, you'll need to apply for a visitor visa in case you have any criminal history or are traveling to NZ for medical reasons.

How to apply for NZeTA

  • The process is totally online.
  • Download the NZeTA app.
  • Once you fill out your details you'll pay NZeTA processing fee of $9 if you're using the app and $12 if you're using NZeTA website. You also have to pay an IVL fee of $35( International visitor conservation and tourism levy fee).
  • Processing time: Not more than 72 hours. Mine was approved within 48 hours.
  • Track your NZeTA status from the app
  • Validity: You can use your NZeTA for multiple trips of less than 3 months each to New Zealand within a period of 2 years after it's issued.
  • If you want to visit for more than 3 months you must apply for a visitor visa

New Zealand Visitor visa.

  • Application is fully online but you have to apply for your visa a few days prior to your trip.
  • More info on visitor visa issuing criteria and applications here.
  • Validity: 3-9 months.