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Submitted on Apr 18, 2020 Useful Info

How to get from Airport to Managua and Leon

So you have landed in the heart of Nicaragua and cant wait to explore the country. But how to get anywhere?

By Bus

1. Leave the airport terminal and walk to the other side of the highway.

2. Once you have crossed the street, walk about 50 meters to the next bus stop, which is located right next to the entrance of Las Mercedes Hotel.

3.Look for the bus #266, which heads to the South of the city. This will cost you around C$2,50 córdobas ($0.08). Be sure to have cash in small notes with you.

4. Tell the bus driver that you will get off at “El Nuevo Diario” and ask him to let you know when is your stop.

5. Once at El Nuevo Diario, wait for the bus #114 or #120. Tell the driver that you will get off at Metrocentro. And again let him know you when you’ve arrived at the place.

6. Walk about 2 blocks South towards “Plaza de Las Victorias". This is consider as the new city “center”.

By Taxi

Taking a cab right outside the Arrivals Terminal of the airport will cost you way more than public transport or going to the main street and take one from there.

In any case, here’s what you should do:

1. Leave the Main Terminal and walk to the other side of the highway

2. Stop a taxi and ask him to take you to your hostel/hotel

4. The fare shouldn’t be more than USD 15, but expect a higher price. Usually, taxi drivers charge more to tourists.

Feel free to negotiate before the ride if you dare.

How to get to Leon

  • Once getting in taxi ask the driver to take you to

“Enfrente de UCA, Estación de Autobus a Leon”

They might offer your the ride to Leon for about USD 30 per person. It's up to you to decide.

  • From bust station you need to look for the minibuses to Leon. The ride cost 51 Cords $2USD and most are air-conditioned and relatively comfortable. It takes 1.5-hour ride.
  • The bus drops you at the bus stop outside the market in Leon. From there you can catch a taxi or a bike Tuk-Tuk for around 20-30 cords into the city and your hostel/hotel.