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Submitted on May 21, 2019 Useful Info

What you need to know about currency in Nicaragua

  • The official currency in Nicaragua is the Nicaragua Cordoba (NIO), however, U.S dollars are accepted in most touristy areas and even markets but traders are bound to take advantage and overcharge you should you visit the market and pay using dollars.
  • Bills come in six amounts
  1. C$ 10- green
  2. C$ 20- orange
  3. C$ 50-purple
  4. C$ 100- blue
  5. C$ 200- brown
  6. C$ 500- red
  • There are also coins which are worth: C$ 0.10, C$ 0.25, C$ 0.50, C$ 1, C$ 5.
  • On average 1 USD = C$ 30.

Travel Costs

  • Hotels and hospejades ( small family run hotels) usually cost between 15- 20 USD per night.
  • Food from street stalls costs less than 2USD (local food), western food is more expensive and costs 10 USD or more depending on the type of hotel you're dining at.
  • Transport around is either by bus or taxi, buses are the cheaper alternative. Inter-city buses are of two types: Express and ordinary buses. Express buses are more convenient and more expensive.