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Going to Nigeria? What You Need to Know

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Nigeria is an amazing country full of beaches, resorts, history and culture. If looking for a unique and different experience, consider a Nigerian vacation. Before you go, take the time to learn more about everything this country has to offer.

How to Travel Smart

A common concern with travel to Nigeria is whether it is safe to go. To answer this briefly, yes. However, as with anywhere you go, you should inform yourself of the risks. Check with your doctor about any travel vaccines you may need, and be sure to register with your local embassy before traveling. Staying informed is the safest way to travel. Before booking your trip, take the time to read up on the area you will stay in, and don't forget to check that the weather is permitting for your plans.

What to Do While Visiting

Before you arrive in Nigeria, make sure to read up on the culture. This includes looking into the current affairs, lifestyles, and events that are going on around the country. Nigeria is made up of multiple ethnic groups and religions, creating a diverse landscape. Be sure to check out some of the local festivals. Celebrations such as the Osun Festival, celebrating the goddess of fertility in the Yoruba Tribe, demonstrates traditional Nigerian culture and shows some of the unique ways of life in this wonderful country. Take the time to do your research to see some of the beautiful Nigerian culture.

Where to Enjoy Beach Life

If you aren’t already excited about the beaches in Nigeria, you should start now. From Akodo beach to Tarkwa Bay, whatever you are seeking, these gorgeous beaches will offer them to you. Nigerian beaches do not receive the attention they deserve. Whether you are looking for white sand or a quiet retreat, these beaches can satiate even the pickiest of beach-goers. Before you head to Nigeria, make sure to plan out time to spend on some of these beautiful beaches lining the coast.

What to Eat

No trip to Nigeria is complete without trying some of the delicious delicacies that the country has to offer. If looking to try something unique, try some Ogbono soup, with a diverse mix of local variations you could enjoy a different style every day of your trip. Not super hungry? Sample some Igbin or Suya as a snack. No meal would be complete without some Nkwobi to finish off as a dessert. This beef dish is not to be missed.

How to See African Wildlife

When thinking of an African trip, one of the first things that come to mind is an African safari. Nigeria is home to over 2,000 animal and bird species. The national parks around the country give options for multiple animal viewings and set you up for an eco-friendly vacation like no other. These national parks offer gorgeous natural habitats and wildlife, including giraffes, elephants and lions. In case you are looking to make your Nigerian trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience, go to the Gashaka Gumti National Park to see the world’s rarest chimpanzee, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, or the giant pangolin. These are just some of the unique creatures that can be found in this amazing country.

Where to Stay

You may not be aware, but Nigeria is a growing hotspot for luxury hotels and resorts. Big chains, like Marriott, have been eyeing the country for development. Once you have set your itinerary, look into some of the beautiful sites that are built, and being built, around the country. These resorts offer gorgeous views overlooking the ocean, cities and animal preserves. Be sure to enjoy the benefits and luxuries that fill these locations throughout Nigeria.

Nigeria is an amazing country with lots to offer. Be sure to take the time to research before you go so you don’t miss out on any of the amazing sites, tastes or luxuries. Most importantly, have a wonderful vacation.