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How to get a Nigerian Visa

User submitted photo of NigeriaApplication guideline for Entry Visa

  1. Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal home page
  2. Click on the Entry Visa application form
  3. Fill the form and click on the "...I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY..." check box.
  4. Submit your Entry Visa application form in order to view the Applicant details page.
  5. You are then required to proceed to online payment
  6. ALWAYS select "pay in dollars" option before proceeding with the process.

If you happen to make your payments outside Nigeria, you need to know the following;

  1. The platform will redirect you to another site so that you can make your payment in US dollars.
  2. Bring along your Visa payments receipts and your passport to the Nigerian Embassy in your country during the speculated time of interview for your Visa.
  3. If you wish to reschedule your interview date, feel free to so only after you send the following to the Nigerian Immigration support email address;

1. Proposed interview date

2. Your application ID

3. Your Reference number