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Submitted on Mar 24, 2020 Useful Info

Cost of taxi between the Hanoi Old Quarter and the airport

  • Hanoi Old Quarter is located 25km southeast of Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport (airport code: HAN)
  • There are a couple of ways to travel between the airport and the Old Quarter, but taxi is probably the easiest and most popular way for visitors
  • Meterd taxis at the airport costs about 300,000 VND each way (about $13USD, or €12EUR) between the airport and the Old Quarter
  • Besides metered taxis, which you can easily get outside of the arrival area of the airport, you can also use the Grab Taxi app (, which is the most popular ride hailing app in Vietnam and works exactly like Uber or Lyft. Grab Taxi is slightly cheaper, costing around 280K VND ($12USD) each way between the airport and the Old Quarter
  • Here's the price of all the Grab options between the airport and the Old Quarter:User submitted photo of Old Quarter
  • In order to use Grab app, you should download and set up the app before you fly out of your country, because the app will send you a text message to activate so you'll want to make sure you can receive it. Once you have set up the app at home, you can use the app anywhere in the world that has Grab service (including Vietnam)
  • You can find the links to download from Grab's official website: