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Updated on Oct 06, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Port Barton from Puerto Princesa

  • The most popular way to get to Port Barton from Puerto Princesa is by van or bus
  • Boarding point in Puerto Princesa: most buses to Port Barton depart from the main bus terminal in Puerto Princesa, San Jose Terminal, which is located here
  • Getting to the San Jose terminal is best done by tricycle (which are three-wheeled motor taxis popular on the islands in Philippines, commonly called "trikes" here)
  • Tricycle fare from the airport to San Jose Terminal is 100 pesos ($2 USD). From elsewhere in the city it costs anywhere between 50-80 pesos ($1-$1.6 USD)
  • At San Jose Terminal, simply ask around or look for signs for "Port Barton". There are lots of vans and bus/Jeepneys going there you won't have any trouble finding it
  • Drop off point in Port Barton: they usually drop you off right at your hotel in Port Barton, so just tell the driver the name of your accommodation there. Port Barton is a very small town that you can walk from one end to the other in 5-10 minutes
  • Transportation options and fares:
  • Vans cost 350 pesos per person ($7 USD), air conditioned
  • Bus/Jeepneys costs 250 pesos per person ($5 USD), no air conditioning but open windows. This is what a typical jeepney in Palawan looks like:User submitted photo of Palawan
  • Like almost all land transportation in Philippines, you must pay by cash peso
  • Travel time: 3-4 hours in total
  • If you book with some van companies ahead of time, they can pick you up from your hotel or the airport for extra fee (500-750 pesos in total). The van companies that you can prebook include:
  • Lexxus: Tripadvisor, Facebook, book on 12Go (simply search for Puerto Princesa to Port Barton and pick your date)
  • Recaro: Facebook, book on 12Go
  • DayTrippers: Tripadvisor, Facebook, book on its website; note that DayTrippers is actually a tour company that just happens to offer transport services between Puerto Princesa and Port Barton. They're more expensive than Lexxus and Recaro, but they have by far the best reviews
  • Chartering: you also have the option of chartering an entire van, which means you get to set your own departure schedule. Lexxus, Recaro, and DayTrippers all let you do this. The fee for chartering is 4,500-7,500 pesos ($85-$145) each way, and the van can seat up to 10 people