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How to depart from Panama city Tocumen International Airport

  • I'd say the traffic in Panama city is among the worst I've ever experienced and the procedures at the airport are quite involving and frustrating, that already means you should leave for the airport at least 3 hours earlier if you are not staying at a hotel within the airport neighborhood.
  • The check-in lines at the airport are very long and there are no kiosks for printing your boarding pass within the airport, luckily for me, I had already printed mine and that saved me the queuing time, alternatively, you can also have your electronic boarding pass on your phone.
  • There are other two security checks afterward for international flights, at the first security check they'll ask for your passport and boarding pass and you'll have to pass your luggage through the x-ray security.
  • KEY POINT: Avoid carrying hot sauces or alcohol as they'll be confiscated since they are flammable, throw away empty water bottles as well by the time you are at the first security checkpoint.
  • The second checkpoint at the gate area and is like the first one but more thorough, not even drinks sold at the airport can are allowed to pass past this point.
  • It's important that you rush past all these checkpoints as there are very limited seats in the gate area and you'll end up standing if you delay.
  • If you need to use the washroom do so before entering the gate area as there are no washrooms there, you'll have to re-enter again if you leave and probably your seat will have been taken if you had secured one( happened to me)