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All you need to know about tourist attractions in Papua New Guinea

If you are intrigued by the Islands of the Southwestern Pacific, then Papua New Guinea should be among your topmost "must visit" tourist destinations.

The Island is famous for its cultural, socioeconomic and biological diversity attracting tourists from Europe, Asia, The America's, Australia and even Africa.

Interesting Facts About Papua New Guinea

  • It has over 851 Indigenous languages.
  • It is, unlike other countries, located in the continent of Oceania.
  • It has a population of only 8.6 million inhabitants.
  • The official languages are 3: English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu.
  • The inhabitants richly embrace their cultural heritage.

7 Best Places to Visit for Every Traveller in Papua New Guinea

Lae War Cemetery

  • Being one of the epicenters of World War 2, the Australian Government maintains this cemetery in memory of all the Australian fallen soldiers.
  • Indian and New Zealand markers are also present.
  • It is the perfect spot to reflect upon modern history.

National Museum and Art Gallery

  • It hosts the famous integrated art and culture of the Papuans.
  • Expect to see the skillfully crafted traditional musical instruments, masks, costumes, canoes, rafts, the famous totem poles and the skull racks among others.

Parliament Haus

  • It is the perfect embodiment of the local architecture.
  • It was built in the same fashion of the Sepik or Maprik Haus thus has become one of the most sorted sites to visit.

The Rainforest Habitat

  • If you wish to experience the beauty of nature, this is the ideal site for you.
  • It is rich in natural flora and fauna, and especially crocodiles.

Varirata National Park

  • It has a variety of species of birds, rich deep green forests and is just the perfect spot to view the entire sea and the city of Port Moresby.

Tari Basin

  • The bird reserve attracts birds enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Muschu Island

  • This is a therapeutic spot if you wish to relax, enjoying the sea paint some apocalyptic picture.