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Submitted on Aug 01, 2021 Useful Info

Getting around Papua New Guinea.

By Car.

  • Papua New Guinea is a country with fierce geography and sometimes very harsh tropical conditions.
  • This coupled with the lack of government capacity, the country has precious few paved roads.
  • Some of these roads are now well maintained and so have degraded.
  • This, therefore, means that if you plan on hiring a vehicle, you should be a very able driver as some roads require skill to pass through.
  • There is however a small section of paved road between the immediate hinterland and a road that will enable you to follow the coast southeast for a few hours.
  • One thing that you should mostly be aware of is that traffic moves on the left and road signs are based on the Australian one and distance is posted in kilometres.

By public motor vehicle.

  • The most common way to travel is by PMV/bus with the locals.
  • Lae, Madang, Goroka, Tari, and Mount Hagen are all connected by a good highway. As a newcomer, it is probably advisable to get help from locals (e.g., hotel staff).
  • Be careful, however, not to get conned as not everyone is trustworthy.
  • You could use the hotel staff or even drivers of the PMVs who will direct you to where you would like to go.
  • Most towns have several starting points.
  • A trip from Lae to Madang costs around 50 Kina, to Mt. Hagen also 50 Kina.

By plane.

  • Papua New Guinea as a country has always been heavily reliant on air travel.
  • This is true because as you move through the country, you will notice that every major settlement is around an airstrip.
  • Therefore you could opt to travel around the country by plane which is actually beautiful as you get to appreciate the landscape and the terrain of the country.
  • There are major airports that serve also international tourists such as the Jacksons international airport and also there are the airstrips that local flight carriers operate.