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Submitted on Aug 01, 2021 Useful Info

Things to do in Papua New Guinea.

  • There are so many things that you can do when in Papua New Guinea and some are exciting and unique for the country.

Scuba Diving.

  • There are over 100 local scuba diving operators in the country that you can hire to have a wonderful scuba diving experience.
  • The country also hosts of very many reef locations that you would like to explore.
  • The operators are regulated by the national scuba diving industry hence they are usually very reliable.


  • Papua New Guinea is a country that hosts over seven hundred (700) species of birds that you could watch.
  • You should definitely bring a pair of binoculars.
  • If you have a guide, they can show you the best spots for bird watching and also tell you the best times to do it.
  • Visiting the various museums in the country can help you distinguish the birds that you see.


  • The ferocious terrain in the country makes it such a perfect place for trekking and this is something many tourists are taking up.
  • You can trek through the mountains, coastal lowlands and rolling foothills of the Kokoda and other trails.
  • The Kokoda Track attracts many hundreds of walkers a year.


  • Fishing is also something that you could indulge in.
  • The reefs around the country make it a good breeding ground for fish.
  • Various agencies can arrange fishing expeditions for you.
  • Exercise caution not to go too deep into the ocean or to overfish and catch even the small fish.


  • The most popular activities for tourists here are festivals such as The Sing-Sing performances at the annual Goroka and Mt. Hagen shows.
  • During these shows, there are usually more than fifty ensembles that turn up.
  • The festivals are competitive and the winning ensemble is rewarded by being invited to give concerts at many restaurants and hotels during the following year.
  • The beauty and colourfulness of New Guinea’s festivals are both pleasing to watch for tourists and helps the locals financially.