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Submitted on Aug 01, 2021 Useful Info

Visa requirements for Papua New Guinea.

  • Most foreign nationals who wish to visit Papua New Guinea require a passport to enter the country.
  • Citizens of the European Union or the European trade union can obtain a free visa valid for 60 days which also comes with a possibility for an extension on arrival.
  • This visa can only be offered if the nationals arrive through the airports at Port Moresby or Tokua.
  • These nationals include those of countries such as Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • You should also check with the PNG immigration website as the countries keep on changing due to the changing relationship between countries.
  • However, there are some countries in which their citizens possess an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) which states on the reverse that it is valid for travel to Papua New Guinea can enter visa-free for up to 60 days.
  • However, a visa which is also an entry permit can be obtained in advance to travelling from the Papua New Guinea Embassy, Consulate or High commission office.
  • The application fee (per person) is 75 kina (tourist/visitor), 200 kina (yachtsperson), 500 kina (businessperson/journalist) or 50 kina (sportsperson).
  • The usual processing time for the visa or entry permit is usually five business days.
  • For those countries that do not have a Papua New Guinea embassy in their country, you can apply for the visa at the Australian or British Embassy high commission or Consulate.
  • The charges when applying through these consulates are usually higher than when applying directly at the Papua New Guinea Embassy and therefore you should not be alarmed.
  • For example, the British diplomatic posts charge £50 to process a PNG visa application and an extra £70 if the PNG Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires the visa application to be referred to them