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3 Tech Devices To Bring on Your European Vacation

When preparing for a vacation overseas to Europe, there are numerous items to pack. While clothes and toiletries probably come to mind first, there are a few pieces of tech equipment you do not want to leave without. Below are three tech objects to pack for your upcoming trip.

Cell Phone

Whether you have the latest iPhone or refuse to part with your outdated version until it crashes, your cell is the number one tech accessory to pack. Have your phone fully charged before leaving for the airport and do not forget to keep your charger in your carry-on.

Be sure to bring a European outlet adapter so you can use your charger while away. To establish the link between the internet and your carrier's cell network, an access point name, or APN, is set up in your phone. Consider getting a private APN to protect your data while traveling.

Additionally, check a few other settings and apps on your phone a few days before leaving. Are you low on storage? You may need to upgrade to make room for all the photos of your overseas adventures. If you need to pay any bills while you are gone, download the appropriate apps so you can easily log in and make the payments.

If you have home devices that are managed through your phone, such as heating, lights or a security alarm, test the apps before you leave so you can rest assured they are working properly. Create any new settings needed for your time away. For example, perhaps you want the living room light to come on for an hour or two every night so it appears you are home. Set up the timer and test it before you depart.


Another tech device to bring with you is your tablet. As with your phone, double-check the storage before you go, so you can make room if needed. Bring the charger and a second adapter for this item.

You will want some entertainment during the long hours on the plane, so download movies and ebooks to your tablet a couple of days before you leave. Many libraries offer free ebook rentals through their portals, so check out your local libraries' offerings if you are in need of some good literature.

If you have young children, bring a kid's tablet for them to play with during the flight. Nothing makes a long flight even more unbearable than when your kids have nothing to do to pass the time! As with yours, make sure it is stocked with books, movies and games. Bring a set or two of earbuds as well. Luckily, most airports sell earbuds in case you forget yours but you will probably pay a higher price.

Translation Device

Many different languages are spoken in Europe. Unless you are fluent in most of them, bring a translation device along. While there are different styles of this handy item, the purpose is to save you the frustration of flipping through a book to translate every word you need to say. Instead, the device translates speech for you.

If you are not afraid to spend a pretty penny or plan on making frequent trips to Europe, invest in an upgraded model. Instead of carrying a translator around like you would your phone, the WT2 Language Translator is wireless and placed in your ears. You wear one earbud and the person you are speaking with wears the other.

You talk in your language and the WT2 translates the speech into the other person's earbud in his or her language. While you do not need an internet connection, it does require a Bluetooth connection to work. With 40 languages available for translation, this useful tech device will help your trip go much smoother.

A trip to Europe is something you remember for a lifetime. Bringing these three tech items with you will help make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free.