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How to travel to Lake Titicaca by reed boats

  • Lake Titicaca is known for these three things. One, it's a big lake. Two, its high altitude and three, its floating islands.
  • There are many ways to travel to Lake Titicaca, but the following is a brief guide on how to get there by boat.
  • The most common way to travel there is in groups. It's flexible and does not require prior arrangements and to top it all, it is cost-effective.
  • The Uros Islands are commonly known as the Floating Islands or Islas Flontates and this is what comes into your mind when you hear about Peru's section of Lake Titicaca. The islands are woven from Totora reeds!
  • A trip to Uros Islands will last about 2 hours.

Travel tips

  • Make sure your boat has a guide who speaks fluent English. You may not need one if you understand both Spanish and Aymara pretty well.
  • Always pay after you've boarded the boat to avoid being scammed.
  • You can make prior arrangements from your hotel. You'll be transported to the docks for an extra cost of a few dollars.
  • If you are interested in traveling further into the lake, I recommend tagging on a visit to Isla Taquile, a home to about 2000 Quenchea speaking locals.