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Essential apps you must have in Peru

  • No doubt these apps made my trip in Peru way easier.

360 Macchu Picchu train app

  • It was quite handy when using Inca rail's 360° Macchu Picchu train, its the trains entertainment app, using the app you can connect to the train's Wi-Fi network ( password will be given to you by the train attendants)

Habla Quechua

  • This app is for non-Spanish speaking tourists, it's the best language translation app to get when in Peru since its Spanish translations are in Peruvian Spanish (Quechua) and not just standard Spanish making it easy for you to communicate. I also learned a few basic Quechua phrases to help me get through.

Peru travel

  • Peru travel is the government's official travel guide app, great for info on popular destinations across Peru.

Mesa 24/7

  • This app really came through when I was trying to find restaurants and making reservations in Lima and Cusco. The app is in Spanish though.

Pisco Peru

  • This app is a food guide for local Peruvian foods. You can learn how to make local foods and also find out ingredients in various local foods to see if they fit your diet.

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Other essential apps

  • Google maps/maps me
  • Redbus
  • XE currency
  • Booking