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Updated on May 25, 2019 Useful Info

Taxi tips for Peru

  • All official taxis in Peru are painted yellow and are generally in almost every part of town so you don't need to hustle to get one.

General taxi info

  • Taxis here are not metered, both official and unofficial taxis, prices are determined by negotiation between the driver and the passenger, always discuss the price with your driver before boarding.
  • Your driver is bound to overcharge you as they know being a tourist you aren't aware of the prices, if for instance, they ask for 15 nuevo soles, you can bring down the price to about 10 nuevo soles, as that is probably what they ought to charge anyway.
  • It's not a must that you tip your driver as even the locals normally don't do it, however, you can tip them if you feel that they have offered great service or helped you out with your bags.
  • Always have an accommodation option, since if you ask about that from drivers, they'll give you a list of hotels that tip them anytime they take guests there regardless of whether the hotel is good or not- they'll simply misguide you for their own benefit.