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How to see Petra in 1 day

  • I went on day trip from Amman to Jordan when I visited the country earlier this year
  • Petra is definitely doable in one day, but it was quite exhausting. If I had more time I would spend 2 days in Petra and stay the night in Wadi Musa, which is the town closest to Petra
  • How I got to Petra:
  • I had my hotel in Amman arrange a taxi on my behalf, as I landed late and just wanted to sleep
  • The taxi ride was around 3 hours. It picked me up from the hotel at 2:30am and we got to Petra at around 5:45am. I did it this way because I wanted to see the sunrise in Petra
  • The cost of the taxi was 85 JOD, or 90 GBP (120 USD) round trip. The driver waited for us outside the park the entire day. I doubt you can get a cheaper rate if you only do 1-way, as the driver needs to come back to Amman regardless
  • From my research, other than taxi, the cheaper option was to take the JETT bus for 11 JOD one way (18 JOD return). As of 2018 there's daily JETT bus from Amman to Petra that leaves the Abdali Bus Station (right here) at 630am everyday. And leaving Petra at 5pm every day. Here's the schedule and price from their official site
  • Admission to Petra:
  • Ticket was 50 JOD (about 53 GBP, 70 USD) for 1 day
  • They had asked to see my passport
  • I paid with my Visa
  • Inside Petra, I explored all the canyons and buildings on foot. There were multiple trails to pick from, ranging from 3 hours to 8 hours. I stayed about 6 hours inside the park
  • The main things to see in Petra are the narrow canyons and the buildings carved into the stones. The main attractions are the Treasury building, and the Monastery building
  • Petra was quite empty in the early morning. I had the surroundings all to myself as I made my way to the Treasury to the Monastery. There's a hill straight across from the Monastery building that I climbed onto and chilled for a few hours while watching other tourists come and go. By the time I was making my way out of the park in the afternoon, the place was jam packed!
  • Bring a big bottle of water with you! There were places that sold water inside Petra but they were few and far in between. The entire place is also in a desert and it got incredibly hot during the day
  • A benefit of staying the night in Wadi Musa instead of doing a day trip is that you can check out Petra by Night. I didn't do it because I went back to Amman, but it looks like something I'd want to check out. It's 17 JOD on top of the admission price

The Treasury building in the morning. No one around!User submitted photo of Petra

The Monastery

User submitted photo of Petra

The road leading up to the Monastery

User submitted photo of Petra

An amphitheatre

User submitted photo of Petra