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How to prepare for Philippines

Since Philippines is a tropical country, I packed for things needed in a climate just like Thailand. Included at least two pairs of socks, hiking shoes, cotton shirts and pants and inflatable pillow. I also brought with me a sunscreen lotion, cap and a nice sunglasses to protect myself from the heat. I researched for the tourist attractions in Manila and places nearby it along with its security. I have read a travel guide book regarding Philippines and brought with me a map that can help me with the directions. Since pick-pocketing and snatching is quiet rampant in Philippines, I secured my things in a backpack and stroller with a lock.

Useful tips:

  • Be vigilant. Swindlers are everywhere.
  • Be respectful to everyone.
  • Mind your things. It can get stolen.
  • Know the Philippine currency and the value of Philippine money.
  • Learn to speak English. Almost everyone in this country speaks the language