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Updated on Jul 08, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Pompeii from Naples by public transportation

  • There are two direct train from Naples to Pompeii:
  1. Circumvesuviana train: takes 35 minutes, €2.60, 1 minute walk to the main entrance of Pompeii
  2. Metropolitano train: takes 38 minutes, €2.80, 10 minute walk to the east entrance of Pompeii
  • Both options are very similar. Most visitors to Pompeii take the Circumvesuviana because it drops you off much closer to the front gate of Pompeii. However, the Circumvesuviana train is usually very crowded and the train itself is in poor shape without air conditioning
  • Before I go on, I should clarify that the ruins of Pompeii is located within the modern city of Pompei. All the train station are labeled as "Pompei" because they're serving the modern city

  • How to take the Circumvesuviana train from Naples to Pompeii:
  • This train is operated by a local train operator called EAV
  • You can catch the train from either Napoli Porta Nolana Station or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi Station
  • Porta Nolana is the origin station but Piazza Garibaldi is the more popular station for tourists to get on, so if you want good seats for the ride I recommend you get on at Porta Nalana
  • Piazza Garibaldi is located at the lower level of Napoli Centrale (the main train station of Naples). When you get to the Centrale station, follow signs for Piazza Garibaldi or Circumvesuviana like this:User submitted photo of Pompeii
  • Ticket costs €2.60 per person. You must buy the tickets at the station; there is no way to get it ahead of time online
  • Train departs every 30 minutes and trip takes 35 minutes from Piazza Garibaldi
  • Train drops you off at Pompei Scavi station, which is located 70 meters away from the main entrance to Pompeii. When you get out of the station, turn right and walk for 1 minute, and you will see the entrance on your lefthand side
  • Train runs between 6:09AM to 9:47PM to Pompeii. Last return train back to Naples from Pompeii Scavi station is at 10:24PM
  • The Circumvesuviana is operated by EAV. You can check the official schedule on its website: https://www.eavsrl.it
  • Click "CALCOLA IL PERCORSO" to plan your trip
  • Or, click "ORARIO TRENI" to see the entire schedule in PDF format ("NAPOLI SORRENTO L1.pdf")
  • As I mentioned above, the Circumvesuviana train is in very poor physical condition, and there is no AC onboard. The reviews for this train service are extremely poor, as you can see here on Tripadvisor. Pickpocketing happens from time to time on the train so watch your stuff!

  • How to take the Metropolitano train from Naples to Pompeii:
  • This train is operated by Italy's national train operator, Trenitalia
  • The Metropolitano also departs from Napoli Piazza Garibaldi Station, just like the Circumvesuviana. Again, Piazza Garibaldi Station is located at the lower level of Napoli Centrale (the main train station of Naples). When you get to the Centrale, just follow signs for "Stazione P.za Garibaldi"
  • Train fare is €2.60 per person. No need to buy it ahead of time. Just buy it at the station when you get there from a Trenitalia counter
  • Train departs every 30 minutes, and trip takes 38 minutes
  • The Metropolitano train drops you off at Pompei Station, which is the main train station in the modern city of Pompei. Note that it's not the same station as Cicumvesuviana. From Pompei station, you need to walk 750 meters (about 10 minutes) to the east entrance of Pompeii, located here
  • First and last trains to depart from Napoli Piazza Garibaldi are at 6:27AM and 10:05PM, respectively. The last return train from Pompei is at 10:21PM
  • You can check the official up-to-date schedule at on Trenitalia's official website: https://www.trenitalia.com
  • To make the matters a bit confusing, Trenitalia also operates a "Regionale" train that connects Napoli Centrale Station with Pompei Station. The frequency of this "Regionale" train is much less than the Metropolitano train service but otherwise takes similar amount of time. However, Regionale train is only available in the early morning to go to Pompei and in th evening for returning to Naples. For you, it really doesn't matter which train you take as they both get you to the same spot. Just take whatever is available to you
  • The Metropolitano trains are in slightly better physical condition than the Circumvesuviana trains, but not much better. There is supposedly air conditioning, but I did not feel anything