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Updated on Jul 12, 2018 Useful Info

Transportation tips and info in Qingdao


1. Qingdao Railway Station

  • Older, but closer to the city
  • Be careful with your belongings, it's often crowded and a bit chaotic
  • Reachable by metro
  • Do not get a taxi at the front exit. Better if you go out of the train station from the West Exit walk to Guanzhou Road and find taxies there or call a Didi (Chinese uber). Didi's can't stop at the front exit, the taxis there may rip you off

2. North Qingdao Railway Station

  • the new train station, many high speed trains go through here, it's a little further from the city centre, but reachable via metro


  • very far from the city centre, not yet reachable by metro, but there are airport shuttles (about 20rmb/ticket). Taxi would be about 70-100rmb to the city


  • If you are travelling to near by cities such as Yantai or Weihai, you can take long distance buses. There are 3 main bus terminals in Qingdao, all reachable by public bus
  • Keep close your belongs
  • Go a bit further to find taxis


  • Metro is very convenient and spacious, not crowded
  • There are 3 lines, covers many major touristic hotspots
  • Tickets start from 2rmb - 5rmb depends on distance. There are also day tickets options available


  • Regular taxi starts from 10rmb, some are more expensive starting from 12rmb also higher price / mile. The cars are more or less the same to be frank, if you wave down a 12rmb one (check price on window) but you want a 10rmb one, just tell them never mind and keep looking
  • Most taxis are greenish blue, some are gold
  • Taxi costs is relative low. From 1 point to another inside the city should just cost around 20-30rmb