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Updated on Nov 01, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Reykjavik from the airport (KEF)

  • Reykjavik's main international airport (called Keflavik airport) is a good 40-min drive away from downtown Reykjavik (the two are 30 miles/50 km apart)
  • Taxi is extremely expensive so I avoided taking one. From what I've seen, a one-way taxi trip on a small car can cost somewhere between $150-$190
  • There's also no train, so what most people do (myself included) is to hop one one of privately-operated shuttle buses to/from the city. I took FlyBus
  • As of 2018, there are 2 main bus operators: FlyBus (https://www.re.is/flybus) and Airport Direct (https://airportdirect.is). They're pretty similar in terms of price and drop off location. Airport Directly is slightly cheaper ($5 cheaper each way), but its Reykjavik terminal is slightly farther from downtown (10 minute longer walk to downtown). Though depending on where your hotel is it may not be farther

  • How FlyBus works:
  1. Buying tickets: I didn't buy tickets ahead of time, even though you can do so online. They have pretty frequent departures and there's no price advantage to buying it online so I recommend just wait until you get to the airport. As soon as I exited the baggage area, I could see FlyBus's booth right in front of me (right next to FlyBus's booth was Airport Direct's booth)
  2. Price: 2950 ISK ($25) each way, but if you buy two ways together it's 5500 ISK ($45) altogether so you save a bit of money. Payment can be done by credit card
  3. City drop off: the trip took about 45 minutes. They made 1 drop off stop at Hotel Viking about 10 minutes away from Reykjavik before getting to the BSI Coach Terminal. From BSI, you can take taxis to your hotel, or FlyBus also sells an add-on to drop you off at your hotel directly (see their website). I just walked to my hotel from BSI, since it was only about a 10-minute walk from where I stayed. BSI is not that far from downtown Reykjavik at all
  • The condition of the bus was excellent. Very comfortable and smooth ride. It apparently has wifi as onboard as well, but I can't speak to it as I got an Icelandic SIM card
  • Additional tips for FlyBus:
  • They also sell ticket via credit card on the bus itself. On my way back to the airport from Reykjavik I didn't board FlyBus at the BSI terminal, but at the Hotel Viking instead. I was able to pay by credit card on the bus itself. The price was the same
  • The BSI Coach Terminal is actually considered general meet up point in Reykjavik. You can check with your hotel if they can even pick you up from the BSI terminal for free
  • The operator of FlyBus also runs excursions along the golden circle. You can book their trips at the BSI coach terminal
  • Even cheaper alternatives: Aside from FlyBus and Airport Direct, there are at least 2 other even cheaper alternatives I'm aware of. I didn't look too much into them but listing them out here for future reference:
  1. Airport Express (https://airportexpress.is): I didn't see their booth at the airport, and from my understanding you have to pre-book a specific time slot and if your flight is delayed I'm not sure what happens. Their terminal is also quite far away from downtown Reykjavik (here). Price is only 2300 ISK each way (~$20) and more discounts if you buy return. My take: this service is really not worth it unless your hotel is super close to its terminal. Its price is only $1 cheaper than Airport Direct each way, but it's so much farther from downtown Reykjavik
  2. Iceland Public Bus Network route 55 (https://www.straeto.is/en): this is the public transportation option. Price is 1840 ISK (~$16) each way (check current fare here). Goes to the BSI coach terminal, then goes further to downtown as well. It makes stops along the way so it takes longer than the shuttle buses, taking about 1 hour and 10 minutes each way (check timetable here). According to its website it takes credit card payment, but I haven't taken it so I'm not sure how it works. I'm not sure where to board it at the airport so you'll have to ask.