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Updated on Jun 09, 2019 Useful Info

Beach etiquette in Rio De Janeiro


  • Women and girls always wear bikinis, and they prefer the tiny ones, with triangle tops and a bottom that has more coverage.
  • Men prefer a Sunga- which is a pair of tight fitting, square-shaped swimming trunks.
  • Baggy swimming costumes are uncommon, but it's the only option if you feel uncomfortable in the tight gears.
  • Hanging out in your small swim-suits is acceptable in Rio, but going topless is a big NO. It is no big deal to walk the famous sidewalks in your bikini and Havaianas, so don't panic.
  • Most Brazilians use Canga- beach sarongs (beach chair) to sit on.
  • Sarongs can be purchased on the beach but some hotels on the beach offer them for free or rental.


  • A wide range of foods and snacks are offered in small tents called Barracas.
  • Agua de coco or fresh coconut water is the best way to cool off and hydrate after a long day in the sun.
  • I'd recommend beach snacks like corn, acai bowls with granola and bananas, grilled kababos of cheese, nuts, flatbread with beef, onions, spices, and greens.

Safety tips

  • Don't leave luggage behind if you decide to have a swim. Leave it with a trusted person.
  • Avoid visiting the beach at night or areas with few people.
  • Don't carry or wear expensive jewelry.