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Submitted on Nov 16, 2019 Useful Info

How to get from Rio International airport (GIG) by Bus (BRT Buses)

  • BRT (Bus rapid transit) has two types of bus services from GIG to central Rio.
  1. Transcarioca express route
  2. TransCarioca line

Transcarioca express route

  • Buses on this route only stop at Fundao terminal, Madureira and Vicente de Carvalho station ( just within the subway station) before making a final stop at terminal Avlorado.
  • Tip: Taking Transcarioca express route buses is the cheapest way to get from GIG to Copacabana, alight at Vicente de Carvalho station from where you can catch the metro to Copacabana, I use it all the time, it's very cheap and convenient, plus it saves on time.

TransCarioca line

  • Buses on transcarioca also follow the same route as express buses from GIG to terminal Alvorado but make stops at 47 stations and 5 terminals along the way.
  • Find the BRT route map here.

Where to find Buses at GIG

  • There are two BRT stations at GIG
  • Just outside terminal 1 arrivals leave through door H
  • Outside terminal 2 arrivals leave through door D.

BRT Bus fare

  • Tickets cost R$4 and can be purchased at ticket offices in both terminals just before you get to to the bus parking lots.
  • You'll be given a prepaid transport card (Bilhete Unico Carioca) that you can use to pay for public transport across Rio.

Advantage of taking BRT

  • BRT have their own bus lanes in all of Rio, you avoid the traffic and it saves so much time, though I wouldn't advise taking BRT if you have too much luggage or are new in Rio, it'll get you frustrated, in this case, best option would be to take a taxi.