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Updated on Sep 10, 2018 Useful Info

Neighborhood and safety tips for Rio de Janeiro

  • Rio has safety issues in general because of the large wealth disparity here
  • Most people will be fine just by having the basic travel safety awareness (like not carrying expensive stuff). The city takes in a large number of tourists every year and few of them ever encounter serious issues
  • But it's important to know which areas are safe and which areas aren't
  • Below is a map I created based on my experience living there, research, and local friends
  • Keep in mind that even in "safe" areas, there are a lot of little favelas and unsafe neighborhoods mixed in. In general, avoid going into side streets, run down, and unpopulated areas, particularly at night

User submitted photo of Rio de Janeiro

  • Do NOT go into favelas by yourself. Favela tourism is a thing and you can go on tours for that, but again never go in there by yourself