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Updated on Jun 10, 2019 Useful Info

Types of beaches in Rio

  • The beach is the center of life in Rio, this is the focal point of all the fun, adventure and experience there is in the city. People interact and relax as well as do what they do best, play beach sports.
  • No matter the reason for your visit to Rio, beach time is a must.

Choosing a beach to visit in Rio

  • The beaches are divided by postos or lifeguard posts and they have different features.
  • Postos 1 through 6 are located along Leme and Copacabana beach.
  • Interesting to note is, the postos along Copacabana Beach, Postos 2 through 6 were used during the 2016 summer Olympics as a site for Beach Volleyball.
  • Posto 6 is famous for being a sports beach and it also is a site for the famous Copacabana Fort and the Historical Museum of the Army.
  • Posto 7 is quieter and more relaxed. I recommend this for relaxing rather than hyping up.
  • Posto 8 and 9 tend to be the favorite for young people. It's especially busy mostly in the evenings and afternoons.
  • Posto 10 tends to attract the wealthy.
  • Posto 11 attracts a more exclusive crowd and here is where the wealthiest soccer stars, celebrities, soap opera actors live.
  • Posto 12 is a baby-friendly beach. It's ideal for small families with children.