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Storage chambers (cell cabinets)

Storage chambers (cell cabinets) are widely used in various fields. A metal cabinet with cells is used for storing various things in public places - supermarkets, small shops, water parks, sports, entertainment, medical, office and industrial establishments. A cabinet with storage compartments increases the comfort of visitors and facilitates the work of the security service.

Lockers for changing rooms are structures with cells, each of which is equipped with a unique lock - you don't have to worry about the safety of things. You should not independently make such a product in the hope of saving money - it is impossible to achieve the desired result without knowledge, high-quality equipment and materials. This approach does not justify itself for another reason - the luggage storage is very affordable.

A cell cabinet can be found in almost every organization that takes care of its visitors. Its advantages are difficult to overestimate, but they are as follows:

Reliability - the structure is very durable, the door stiffeners do not allow them to deform;

Unlike a wooden one, a cell cabinet made of metal is resistant to moisture. The structure is protected by a special coating - powder-polymer paint, which prevents corrosion;

It is very simple to take care of it - you can safely use various disinfectants, cleaning agents - the chemicals included in their composition will not cause any harm to the appearance of the product;

It is possible to buy cell cabinets in Ukraine without harming the budget, since their cost in the Billmax catalog is very democratic;

The thickness of the metal from which the cabinet with storage cells is made provides a high level of resistance to various mechanical damage;

Lockers for changing rooms are equipped with reliable locks, but at the same time their operation is very simple - even a child can handle;

The branches are quite roomy;

Environmental safety - chemical compounds harmful to health and the environment are not used in production;

A wide range of products, differing in size, number of cells, allows you to choose an ideal cell cabinet for certain conditions of use;

  • The assembly of the structure does not require special skills and abilities - everything can be done independently without resorting to the services of specialists. Thus, the client gets rid of unnecessary costs.