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Submitted on Mar 29, 2020 Useful Info

How to find the best SIM cards in Rwanda

  • Finding a sim card is easy and the process is relatively simple.
  • There are three telecommunication in Rwanda currently:
  1. MTN
  2. Tigo
  3. Airtel


  • MTN has the widest coverage and best network though their data is more expensive compared to Airtel which has the best data rates.
  • Though I'll still recommend MTN for the following reasons.
  • It has the best coverage.
  • You can use the Sim card outside Rwanda since MTN is available in many African countries. When outside Rwanda you can use Ezetop or Ding to top up.
  • Tip: If you only intend to use Facebook its the best sim card for you, MTN offers free Facebook for seven days after you activate your Sim card. Dial *198# to activate free Facebook.
  • Default data rates: RWF 56 per Mb during the day and RWF 30 per Mb at night.

Tigo and Airtel

  • Their coverage is lower compared to MTN but they have some of the best deals.
  • Personally, I'd recommend Tigo for people who need to make many calls and Airtel for travelers who consume data heavily and are staying within major towns and cities in Rwanda. The standard rate for Airtel data is RWF 50 per Mb.

Where and How to Acquire a Sim Card In Rwanda.

  • You can easily find sim cards all over Kigali.
  • Network providers have to collect your personal information before registering your sim card so you must carry your passport.
  • They'll also collect a copy of your passport so carry a copy in as you go to get your sim card.
  • After the attendant fills out your details on the computer, they'll give a blank form to fill out your details.
  • Average the whole process of registering a sim card takes 30 minutes.
  • Sim card costs: $1.5
  • Note: Every passport holder is only allowed to get one Sim card. I'm not sure what happens if you want to get another one.