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Mount Bisoke hike

The northern part of Rwanda is a very interesting part of the country to be around as it is evergreen. The undulating landscape and how the nature opens up in front of you is well and truly a magical sight to behold.

The north is peppered with Mount Bisoke volcano. This wonderful feature is located in Burera and Ruhondo. The mountain itself attracts plenty of hikers. It has a crater at the top that has water filled up forming a lake.

For a beginner hiker, it could take about 6 hours to get to the top and approximately 2 hours for the descent. However, for experienced hikers, you could do that for half the time.

  • Hikers meet at the base of the Mountain at Kinigi at 0700hrs to attend a briefing from the personnel in charge of safety.
  • The hikers are assigned park rangers and are divided into groups. The park rangers are usually natives who are knowledgeable about the mountain. While in Bisoke ensure to ask about the traditional myth of how the mountain was formed. You will be amazed.
  • At exactly 0800hrs, the hikes officially begin and if you can pay, you are provided with a porter to carry your gear. In case you do not have the appropriate hiking gear, you will be provided with one.

Apart from the exercise which is a great benefit to one's health, Mount Bisoke gives you a real opportunity to connect with nature in the simplest of ways, observing.

It is for this reason that Mount Bisoke should be pinned on your destination map as it offers unrivalled hiking experience under the tropical sun.