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Red rocks camping site in Rwanda

Red rocks camping site is such a lovely place to visit. It takes a two hour drive to get to Red Rocks camping site from Kigali. To get here, you could decide to:

  • Use an Uber from the Capital city to Nyakinama sector. However this is a very expensive option but with the few extra cash you pay, you could have an opportunity to enjoy the scenery as you go along.
  • Another option preferred is the hiring of the vehicle to go to the camping site. Some of the travel agencies offer this service and since you are going to the camping site, you could opt to hire your car for the arrival and departure day to the site.
  • One could also opt to use public transport so as to experience the whole Rwandan lifestyle. As interesting as this may be, One has to careful not to get extorted as every person might think that you are gullible.

Red Rocks is actually very interesting as it allows for cultural tourism and once you go visiting the camp, you will enjoy a wide spectrum of activities that the locals do that will just leave you breathless and invigorated.

Once you arrive at the site, you are usually shown a place to stay and given a brief tour of the site including where most of the activities will be taking place. This whole familiarization process can take about 1 hour. The site also organizes your schedule around the park and is optimized according to the number of days you intend to stay there.

some of the places you may visit include:

  • The pottery hub- here you get to join women who are hand making clay pots. they could actually teach you.
  • The cooking place- Here you get to see all the traditional foods being prepared for example cassava, sorghum and millet. The cooking is also done above traditional cooking stones.
  • For most evenings you will be treated to music and indoor games. The traditional music they offer is simply exquisite and you would not want to miss that.