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I'm from Santiago use the airport frequently



How to connect to the free wifi at Santiago International Airport

  • There is a free public wifi at Santiago International Airport which anyone can use
  • The network's name/SSID is called ".FREE NUEVO PUDAHUEL", which you should be able to see on your device anywhere in the airport
  • The wifi is unlimited, but it's only available for 30 minutes at a time, that can be reconnected as many times as you want
  • The speed is not great. When I got there I usually get 4Mbps-7Mbps of download speed. With this speed I usually have no issues with social media and even Youtube. I've also been able to check emails with no issues. I'm not sure what the upload speed is though but it won't be very fast at all
  • To connect to the network, you will need to register, either with your email address or Facebook account
  • For better connections, you should use the private wifis offered by the lounges and some shops (like Starbucks)