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Updated on Oct 03, 2018 Useful Info

How to get in from the Sao Paulo International Airport (a.k.a. Guarulhos Airport)

  • There seems to be a lacking of updated transportation information to the Guarulhos airport, which is the main airport in Sao Paulo, so I'll add my experience
  • The vast majority of the tourists take taxis from the airport, because it's simply the easiest way to get into the city. But the downside is that the taxi costs around $60-$70US each way to the central SP (I'm using the Jardins area as the benchmark as that's a very central and upscale area)
  • Personally I used Uber, which is a third to a half of the costs of a regular taxi. UberX is only around $20US, while the premium Uber Black is only $30US
  • To use Uber, just make sure you have the app installed on your phone and account set up with credit card linked and such. You can do this at home, you don't need to do this in Brazil - there's nothing different about Uber in Brazil
  • At the airport, connect to "GRU Wi-Fi", which is the airport's wifi network that's free for 1 hour
  • Then just follow instructions on the Uber app to meet the driver
  • From my experience Uber is pretty safe in Sao Paulo. Haven't heard of any issues involving Uber. You can always use Uber Black if you don't trust UberX, it's only $10 more expensive and still half the price of the regular taxi
  • The cheap option is to take the official airport shuttle bus, called Airport Bus Service, which is run by the city government
  • They run very frequent non-stop services to 4 different stops in Sao Paulo:
  1. Tietê Bus Terminal (you can then walk to Portuguesa-Tietê metro station)
  2. Praça da República (2min walk to the Republica metro station)
  3. Avenida Paulista (2min walk to the Trianon - Masp metro station)
  4. Barra Funda Bus Terminal (you can then walk to Palmeiras–Barra Funda metro station)
  • Cost is 50 reals each direction per person ($13), can be paid by credit card
  • Look for this sign at the airport to find the ticket booth:User submitted photo of Sao Paulo
  • Their bus looks like this:User submitted photo of Sao Paulo
  • It's very clean inside. Air conditioned, and has wifi
  • The downside is you have to connect to your hotel after you get off, but it stops at some very very central locations so if your hotel is close by then it's worth it
  • Takes anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours to get to the city, depending on traffic. Though Uber and taxi service have this problem too. SP has some of the worst traffic in the world
  • Their website is http://www.airportbusservice.com.br, where you can check the their current schedule